about me

Hi, I'm Misty, welcome to my blog, and here is a little about me. 

If you could see me right now I’d be on my MacBook dreaming of pretty rooms, but also watching HGTV, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, hair in a ponytail, wearing a dress, leggings and flats.

I have a condo in the city and a little house in the suburbs (the condo is usually rented out – I don’t live that large!). Photos of the condo are posted here. Since moving into the house I’ve made loads of cosmetic changes however no single room is fully complete, so photos are still coming. I like to do a lot of these changes myself, however life gets in the way and I’m usually run off my feet, keep reading…

By day I work for a mid sized advertising agency in the city of Toronto (Canada). I love working with clients creating strategies and plans to reach their marketing goals.

I’ve always been creative and love fashion and design, and would often spend my days daydreaming about both. Since you are here, you now know I have found a creative outlet for both!

By night (and sometimes during the day – don’t tell my boss!) I run my online store milk&cookies Canada through etsy. What started as a creative way to get rid of left over fabrics has snow balled into a fun, exciting and ever changing business adventure. 

frequently asked questions:

Where did the name milk & cookies come from?
I think of pillows as comfort food for a home. They are inexpensive indulgences that can instantly change the mood of a room.

How do you choose fabrics?
I buy what I love and I hope that you will love it too!

Do you have a retail store?
I wish, maybe one day!

Do you design your own fabrics?
Not yet, but it is in my 5 year plan.

What’s your big audacious goal?
To design my own furniture upholstered in my fabrics.

contact me at misty@milkandcookies.ca