boys bathroom

The "Boys Bathroom" was the first project we undertook in the new house and we did it all ourselves! Ok, that was a lie. We did have to get some help to replace the ceiling on the main floor after the flood from our sink plumbing job, oops! We wanted this bathroom to be clean (crisp white), dramatic (dark charcoal), fit for boys and something they wouldn't grow out of.

Here's what it looked like before we moved in

Here's what we did:
We left the existing floor tile but we skimmed on a new layer of bright white grout over top of the existing grout, again to get it bright white.
We wanted to room to feel even taller so I attached the shower curtain bar really close to the ceiling. The shower curtain, which you can kind of see in the after picture in the reflection of the mirror, I made from a white table cloth and added charcoal grey fabric to the bottom. 
We bought an electric tile cutting machine from Canadian Tire to cut the tiles ourselves. The white subway tile and chair rail tile are from The Home Depot.
Painted the cabinet doors with Behr Kitchen and Bath Pain from The Home Depot. You can't really tell in the before photo, but they were almond and we wanted them white. We were suspect to how durable the paint would be with kids and in a bathroom with humidity, but it worked out fantastic. Updated the hardware with satin nickle knobs from The Home Depot.
We bought a Logan kichen countertop from Ikea and cut it to size. The faucet is also from Ikea, but isn't available anymore. The sink was purchased on ebay. The metal boat on the sink (and on top of the toilet) are from Home Sense.
Above the mirror is a triple sconce originally from Pottery Barn, but purchased on ebay. I bought this chandelier from The Home Depot to go in the toilet area. I thought it was quite masculine in it's chrome finish, but the boys did not agree. I told them if it stayed they could stay!

What's missing and will be added in time: 
artwork (black & white prints and white frames) above the towel bars
a chunky white trim around the mirror.
Also this little white first aid kit which was in the condo bathroom (I have to figure out which box it is in!), it will be added to the wall beside the sink.

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