Friday, August 31, 2012

Because Labour is Hard Work!

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Have a great long weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2012

80 new pillows & discount!

Happy June 1st everyone! It is a miserable rainy day here in Toronto, but I have a ray for sunshine for everyone. In the past 24 hours I have added over 80 new pillows to the store, go have a look. See something you like, buy it now and get 15% off.

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Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

spring has sprung!

On my arrival home last night I was greeted by these lovelies and just had to share with all of you. Peonies are my all time favourite flower and every year when they spring open I know that spring has sprung!

and I've got to say, isn't it crazy how far phone cameras have come! these I took just using my iPhone, to retouch, no cropping no nothing. Not to mention I didn't even have to go into the house and dig out my big clunky camera with the fancy lenses. I'm still amazed at the quality of the photos, so pretty!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

end of March savings! 15% discount

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't miss the pillow giveaway

Megan at Honey We're Home is hosting a pillow giveaway, head over now and enter.

While you are there take a look through her blog. I just love what she's done to her home, I think Megan and I are decorating soul mates! I honestly could kick her out and move in with my toothbrush. Just look at her closet, couldn't you just die?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Oscar goes to...

Emma Stone.
For being a natural talent. For being comfortable, funny and genuine on the red carpet. As opposed to Michelle Williams (that was uncomfortable) or George Clooney (if you don't want to be there, STAY HOME!).  For being able to ACT in your little skit while presenting. Thank you for rehearsing so that you were natural to watch and my stomach wasn't in knots because I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed for you. NOT like Angelina Jolie - most of us can still hear the gibberish that's coming out of your mouth even if you stick your very long and very thin leg out of your dress!
Way to go kid, you just might make it!

Something's Gotta Give still keeps giving

house envy! It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and the movie Something's Gotta Give is on. The movie is around 9 years old (where does time go, really?!), and I'm still in lalaland watching this movie, or really just in a trance admiring every detail of the house. 9 years, and I'm still madly in love!
what is it that I love? The grey cedar shingles. The honed counters. Cookbooks on display. every painting. the amount of artwork and photos on display. the reading nook. the relaxed colour. All the silk dressy yet subtle drapes. the large windows and number of windows. The beachy colours. The relaxed yet buttoned up all over feel. Not to mention it is on the beach.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pillow Giveaway: Dans le Townhouse

Happy almost the long weekend everyone! Just a quick note to let you know of a new milk & cookies pillow giveaway going on over at Dans le Townhouse, so go enter! While you are there make sure to look around, there's lots of great stuff to see. As a new home owner Tanya has lots of ideas, sources for inspiration, DIYs and home before and afters to share. Recently added to "Design Sites We Like" by Canadian House & Home, you know it is going to be a good one. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a new way to celebrate!

include this guy (or girl if made in another color!) into your room decor as modern what to celebrate a year that's important. Give it as wedding or anniversary gift, or include it in a nursery or child's room. Available as "SINCE _____" or "EST. _____", just indicate the year at check out. It can also be made in other colors to suit the room.

Monday, February 6, 2012

valentine's season

Valentine's day has to be one of my favourite holidays. Not really for the "romance" and expectations built around the event, but for the generous use to the colour pink! I love the seasonal store displays and limited time whimsical pink items many stores sell this time of the year, I just cant help myself I want to buy them all! Here's a few pink items that will either make you fall in love with pink too or reach for the Pepto-Bismol (reminder, it is pink too!).


3. Dress
4. Roses
9. Rose
10. Purse
11. Tie
13. Pants
16. Sparkle Shoes

Damask et Dentelle: pillow giveaway

Damask et Dentelle is hosting a pillow giveaway this week, head over to their blog to enter. When you are there make sure to have a look through their blog, don't be surprised if you spend a couple hours!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

15% off pillows!

The new deal of the week is to get 15% off your entire order. One catch, people must follow our blog or Like our facebook page. Feel free to pass along to your friends (just direct them to and they can follow, Like and shop from there)!

Friday, January 27, 2012

IDS12 + BlogPodium

Happy Friday everyone!
Last night I attended the opening night gala of the Interior Design Show. It was a lot of fun and amazing to put a lot of faces to names. Bright and early this morning was BlogPodium and my head is still spinning with ideas - thank you to the organizers (Jennifer + Lindsay) and the Panel (Margot Austin, Kimberley Seldon, Kate Moore, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and Jennifer Flores). Great value has been taken in the information you shared, thank you again.
I will leave you with a select sample of the things that I enjoyed at IDS12. Enjoy, and go see the show!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

what's your style?

Have you ever been asked to define your own personal style?

I've always though it was a silly question since aren't styles suppose to change with changing trends? It wasn't until very recently that I started to understand and embrace my own style. That's right, I do have a style! What is interesting it that I started to understand it thought writing this blog. I stared to notice it thorough the images I've gathered and featured. The biggest surprise came in looking at my boards on pinterest. If you use pinterest go and have a look at your own boards and I'm sure you'll be able to define your style from looking at your images as organized collections on boards. Here are two snapshots of two of my boards, "fashion" and "ideas" (things that I see that spark some creativity in me).

my pinterest board - "fashion"
my pinterest board - "ideas"

Do you see it? Scary right! What's even scarier is the word I would use to define my style, TRADITIONAL! Yikes! Images that would have come to mind when I think of the word traditional are chintz sofas and day suits. However I'm thinking of mine as "preppy" - classic construction with timeless style.

Once you've defined your style it is amazing how much easier it is to shop. Stick to the places you know and love. Yes it is fun to explore and see what else it out there, but be really sure before you buy, make sure it is you. Buying a key piece of clothing because it is a big trend means you'll likely wear it once (maybe), not feel like yourself and never wear it again. I've also been down the road of leaving stores that sell (somewhat) "trendy fashion" (H&M, Joe etc) with bags and bags of stuff and because it is inexpensive I figured that was ok to buy a lot of "fun things", but all I'm left with at the end of the day is a closet packed full of crap that I couldn't even find a piece of clothing in it if I wanted to, and constantly living out of the clean basket of clothes that's on my bedroom floor and the dry cleaning that's hanging in the front hall closet. Know what I'm taking about - you wear the same clothes over and over and have a closet full of other "stuff". I never understood those people who had streamlined closets and figured they didn't have enough clothes - sad people, but now I WANT THAT. Lets get the crap that I will never wear out and give the stuff I love some space! Same thing goes for a trendy piece of furniture, it might be the right color and size for your room, but if it is doesn't fit that deep down style you have your room will never feel comfortable to you.

That's not to say that you can't stay on trend. You can always update your personal style with seasonable trendy accents, or a single piece, but you don't need to go crazy.  Paint a room or add a necklace in a seasons color, add accessories (pillows anyone!) or a scarf in a new trendy pattern. Little things to update your style will keep you feeling comfortable and on trend, not to mention out of "shopping debt"!  For example last night I purchased a dot scarf (spring trend) at H&M for $8 versus $60 at my usual shopping haunt, I will wear it with a blazer that I already own and love - so now I have an updated look that didn't cost me much, and most importantly one that I'm comfortable in. For inspiration here's a snap shot of my "color" board on pinterest

my pinterest board - color
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new fun creations

Digging in my closet and being excited about the week to come has inspired some new, really fun creations, just looking at them makes me smile. enjoy!

flirt. tell it like it is!

party party party

The rest of this week is going to be crazy, crazy, crazy, party, party, party! Well, the 2nd "party" is not really a "party" it is a learning event, but should be fun none the less. So what's a girl to wear? This is a little tricky so let me give you more background.

Party #1 is the opening gala evening of the Interior Design Show in Toronto, so as you can imagine there will be a lot of well dressed people there from editors of magazines - home and fashsion, designers, celebrity designers from favourite HGTV shows - and I have to imagine if you can dress a room you should be able to dress yourself, right?

Party #2. Again, not reeeaaallly a party, but something I'm really excited about, so, that makes it a party to me! I will be attending my first ever Blogger community event - BlogPodium.  BlogPodium is a blogsite and conference series that brings design & lifestyle bloggers, marketers, and the design community together. This event will be about Blogs + Media. See the list of people below who will be speaking to see why I am so excited
Margot Austin, Senior Style Editor for House & Home Magazine
Kate Moore - CityLine Producer
Jennifer Flores - Published Blogger, and Co-Founder of BlogPodium
Moderator - Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Cityline Expert

Party #3. Last for this week, but hopefully just the beginning of the new possibilities is "Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup".

A very exciting rest of the week for me! I'm very excited to be meeting a lot of people in the Blog community that I've been following or who I have worked with to supply them with pillows, face to face, for the first time. I will not only be saying a lot of "nice to meet you in person" but also a lot of "I can't thank you enough" since absolutely everyone I've come into contact with in this community has been outstanding supports of my store and now by promoting my new blog. I am so looking forward to meeting all of these people face to face, as well as meeting even more people from this fantastic community!

Oh, back to the "what's a girl to wear" (maybe the conference will teach me how to write and not get side tracked!). Party #1 and Party #3 are nailed down and are air tight! I was determined to play a little game of shop in my own closet, and pulled together two outfits. As you can imagine I was a little scared in making something old new again considering all the design conscious and fashion forward people who will be in attendance. But, I'm happy with what I've come up with, and it fits my own personal style and that's what's important, right? Here's a peek
Little black dress all dressed up with sparkles. 

Hot pink and black color block. 

Lesson Learned: you feel rewarded pulling a great look together that's totally you with things you already own and love.
REAWRD for the Lesson Learned: a little gold bling that I talked about earlier this week - I hope it arrives!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bijou and Boheme: pillow give away

Just a quick note for everyone to let you know to head on over to Bijou and Boheme where Christine is hosting a giveaway for 2 of my pillows!
When you're there be sure to get lost in her blog with all of the fabulousness. We share a love for the colour pink, but she has the guts to use it in her home and pulls it off amazingly. Her fantastic taste has not gone unnoticed, Christine was recently on Steven and Chris giving a tour of some of the rooms in her home, and will soon be in Style at Home.

Monday, January 23, 2012

OH CANADA - The Bachelor

Hello Canadian ladies! Get your high heels out and lipstick on, the Bachelor is coming to Canada! That's right, and it is not just one token Canadian on the US version of the show, nope, we are talking all Canadian. 
But let's be serious for just one second. I really hope this works out better for us Canadians. No offense to any Canadian who reads this and has been on the show, but we haven't come off looking all that great in the past. I'm sure they would have been all great people if we would have gotten to know them, and fine there's been a few sour grapes (lippy guy with the big hair* or crutches with a girlfriend...) but rarely do the token Canadians make it past the first night or two (even on the Bachelor Pad!) - what the heck people! 
 * Confession - I did see lippy guy with big hair once at Starbucks and I acted as if he was Brad Pitt. 
Alright, back to the fun. All the single ladies go here to fill out your application. Or you can nominate someone! I'm not sure how you take and submit a video of your nominee without them knowing, especially if they are to be dressed as if they were going to a nice restaurant for dinner (their words, not mine!) - you must get creative I guess.  
As part of the application process you must be able to first "read and understand" (not sure how some past applicants made it past that point, but they did), agree to mogul skiing down a city street in your bikini with an audience (like they did last week! Did you get that - moguls, bikini - I'm not sure why men aren't watching this show), allowing them to free any skeleton in your closet (including and not limited to your mental and sexual history), being videotaped without your knowing by hidden cameras 24hrs, you must disclose if you've been on "Rock of Love",  allow producers to conduct a psychological exam interviews with employers, neighbors, teachers (what if your employers, neighbors and or teachers are crazy), and be at the producers back and call for a year (therefore you must be willing to put "love" before a career!). Good luck!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My new obsession

GOLD. yellow gold. rose gold. brass. love it all. I think it is refreshing to have that little bit of sparkle and the brightness of yellow to metal after everything has been so dark, grey, dull and cold for so long. I've been craving it and loving to wear yellow gold for the past year - especially with a tan. But now I'm starting to acquire rose gold as well. Not sure how I can and will incorporate it into my home since I have recently replaced all the fixtures and metal bits with nickel, but maybe I can do it in a small way in office accessories.


Source: via Misty on Pinterest

Source: via Misty on Pinterest