Have you ever been asked to define your own personal style?

I've always though it was a silly question since aren't styles suppose to change with changing trends? It wasn't until very recently that I started to understand and embrace my own style. That's right, I do have a style! What is interesting it that I started to understand it thought writing this blog. I stared to notice it thorough the images I've gathered and featured. The biggest surprise came in looking at my boards on pinterest. If you use pinterest go and have a look at your own boards and I'm sure you'll be able to define your style from looking at your images as organized collections on boards. Here are two snapshots of two of my boards, "fashion" and "ideas" (things that I see that spark some creativity in me).

my pinterest board - "fashion"

my pinterest board - "ideas"

Do you see it? Scary right! What's even scarier is the word I would use to define my style, TRADITIONAL! Yikes! Images that would have come to mind when I think of the word traditional are chintz sofas and day suits. However I'm thinking of mine as "preppy" - classic construction with timeless style.

Once you've defined your style it is amazing how much easier it is to shop. Stick to the places you know and love. Yes it is fun to explore and see what else it out there, but be really sure before you buy, make sure it is you. Buying a key piece of clothing because it is a big trend means you'll likely wear it once (maybe), not feel like yourself and never wear it again. I've also been down the road of leaving stores that sell (somewhat) "trendy fashion" (H&M, Joe etc) with bags and bags of stuff and because it is inexpensive I figured that was ok to buy a lot of "fun things", but all I'm left with at the end of the day is a closet packed full of crap that I couldn't even find a piece of clothing in it if I wanted to, and constantly living out of the clean basket of clothes that's on my bedroom floor and the dry cleaning that's hanging in the front hall closet. Know what I'm taking about - you wear the same clothes over and over and have a closet full of other "stuff". I never understood those people who had streamlined closets and figured they didn't have enough clothes - sad people, but now I WANT THAT. Lets get the crap that I will never wear out and give the stuff I love some space! Same thing goes for a trendy piece of furniture, it might be the right color and size for your room, but if it is doesn't fit that deep down style you have your room will never feel comfortable to you.

That's not to say that you can't stay on trend. You can always update your personal style with seasonable trendy accents, or a single piece, but you don't need to go crazy.  Paint a room or add a necklace in a seasons color, add accessories (pillows anyone!) or a scarf in a new trendy pattern. Little things to update your style will keep you feeling comfortable and on trend, not to mention out of "shopping debt"!  For example last night I purchased a dot scarf (spring trend) at H&M for $8 versus $60 at my usual shopping haunt, I will wear it with a blazer that I already own and love - so now I have an updated look that didn't cost me much, and most importantly one that I'm comfortable in. For inspiration here's a snap shot of my "color" board on pinterest

my pinterest board - color
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Ingrid - lavender
Imperial Trellis - sand

Grayson - dusty blue
Willow - taupe and stone
moroccan tile
Trixie - grey
Hillary - lavender
Tory - warm grey
Valerie - lavender
Knots - dusty blue
Ingrid - white

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