Friday, January 27, 2012

IDS12 + BlogPodium

Happy Friday everyone!
Last night I attended the opening night gala of the Interior Design Show. It was a lot of fun and amazing to put a lot of faces to names. Bright and early this morning was BlogPodium and my head is still spinning with ideas - thank you to the organizers (Jennifer + Lindsay) and the Panel (Margot Austin, Kimberley Seldon, Kate Moore, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and Jennifer Flores). Great value has been taken in the information you shared, thank you again.
I will leave you with a select sample of the things that I enjoyed at IDS12. Enjoy, and go see the show!


  1. I just discovered your cushions and blog through the BlogPodium swag bag. So nice to find another great Canadian artisan :-)

    IDS12 was a great show, and your pictures are fantastic. Love your shot of the peacock chairs - they cast the most amazing shadows on the wall.

    1. thanks Kelly! if you ever want to do a promotion for your reader let me know.