Monday, January 23, 2012

OH CANADA - The Bachelor

Hello Canadian ladies! Get your high heels out and lipstick on, the Bachelor is coming to Canada! That's right, and it is not just one token Canadian on the US version of the show, nope, we are talking all Canadian. 
But let's be serious for just one second. I really hope this works out better for us Canadians. No offense to any Canadian who reads this and has been on the show, but we haven't come off looking all that great in the past. I'm sure they would have been all great people if we would have gotten to know them, and fine there's been a few sour grapes (lippy guy with the big hair* or crutches with a girlfriend...) but rarely do the token Canadians make it past the first night or two (even on the Bachelor Pad!) - what the heck people! 
 * Confession - I did see lippy guy with big hair once at Starbucks and I acted as if he was Brad Pitt. 
Alright, back to the fun. All the single ladies go here to fill out your application. Or you can nominate someone! I'm not sure how you take and submit a video of your nominee without them knowing, especially if they are to be dressed as if they were going to a nice restaurant for dinner (their words, not mine!) - you must get creative I guess.  
As part of the application process you must be able to first "read and understand" (not sure how some past applicants made it past that point, but they did), agree to mogul skiing down a city street in your bikini with an audience (like they did last week! Did you get that - moguls, bikini - I'm not sure why men aren't watching this show), allowing them to free any skeleton in your closet (including and not limited to your mental and sexual history), being videotaped without your knowing by hidden cameras 24hrs, you must disclose if you've been on "Rock of Love",  allow producers to conduct a psychological exam interviews with employers, neighbors, teachers (what if your employers, neighbors and or teachers are crazy), and be at the producers back and call for a year (therefore you must be willing to put "love" before a career!). Good luck!

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