Thursday, January 5, 2012

this years gift giving revealed

Happy New Year everyone! Now that the gift giving is over and everyone official has their gifts from moi I'll now share you with the highlights of what was given.

for most people - family, close friends, key clients, the ladies who work so hard for me through the year and the man who signs my pay cheque I gifted them one of these pretty gift bags that I prepared.

I had everything planned out in early November, but I have to admit that it only came together in a mad rush, last minute, but it all worked out in the end - the big man must have been looking down on me (thanks santa!).

what was in it you are wondering? inside the pretty bag was a box...and inside the box was...

an ensemble of items to help them get in the holiday spirit! there was a bottle of wine, BRIX chocolate (chocolate that pairs with this wine - how SMART!), a cutting board and a hard cheese knife. Thoughtful, pretty, and clever all at the same time - right?!
wine - LCBO
chocolate - William Ashley
cutting board - William Ashley
cheese knife - Home Outfitters
box - Dollarama ! This one one pieces I found last minute. I had a hard time finding something the right size and that could hold all the heavy items. and in the end I only paid $1ea for them! woot woot

back to the bag

gift tags I created in word and printed on card stock
bag - Dollarama ! again, woot woot!! However this one was $2 (not $1) whole dollars.
the red bell tied to the string and tag - also Dollarama !

For the immediate family including grandparents I created a photo book for each of them through apple with photos from our summer trip to Europe (tailored to each person in the family). It was fun revisiting the photos and creating the book (but holy moly they sure take a long time to compile, I uploaded to apple at midnight the day of the Christmas deadline! They arrived in plenty of time and everyone was very grateful to have this book that they will keep for ever.

that's the highlights. some things things didn't arrive on time give, boo, but the good news is that means I already have stuff for next year to give!

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