Wednesday, January 25, 2012

party party party

The rest of this week is going to be crazy, crazy, crazy, party, party, party! Well, the 2nd "party" is not really a "party" it is a learning event, but should be fun none the less. So what's a girl to wear? This is a little tricky so let me give you more background.

Party #1 is the opening gala evening of the Interior Design Show in Toronto, so as you can imagine there will be a lot of well dressed people there from editors of magazines - home and fashsion, designers, celebrity designers from favourite HGTV shows - and I have to imagine if you can dress a room you should be able to dress yourself, right?

Party #2. Again, not reeeaaallly a party, but something I'm really excited about, so, that makes it a party to me! I will be attending my first ever Blogger community event - BlogPodium.  BlogPodium is a blogsite and conference series that brings design & lifestyle bloggers, marketers, and the design community together. This event will be about Blogs + Media. See the list of people below who will be speaking to see why I am so excited
Margot Austin, Senior Style Editor for House & Home Magazine
Kate Moore - CityLine Producer
Jennifer Flores - Published Blogger, and Co-Founder of BlogPodium
Moderator - Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Cityline Expert

Party #3. Last for this week, but hopefully just the beginning of the new possibilities is "Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup".

A very exciting rest of the week for me! I'm very excited to be meeting a lot of people in the Blog community that I've been following or who I have worked with to supply them with pillows, face to face, for the first time. I will not only be saying a lot of "nice to meet you in person" but also a lot of "I can't thank you enough" since absolutely everyone I've come into contact with in this community has been outstanding supports of my store and now by promoting my new blog. I am so looking forward to meeting all of these people face to face, as well as meeting even more people from this fantastic community!

Oh, back to the "what's a girl to wear" (maybe the conference will teach me how to write and not get side tracked!). Party #1 and Party #3 are nailed down and are air tight! I was determined to play a little game of shop in my own closet, and pulled together two outfits. As you can imagine I was a little scared in making something old new again considering all the design conscious and fashion forward people who will be in attendance. But, I'm happy with what I've come up with, and it fits my own personal style and that's what's important, right? Here's a peek
Little black dress all dressed up with sparkles. 

Hot pink and black color block. 

Lesson Learned: you feel rewarded pulling a great look together that's totally you with things you already own and love.
REAWRD for the Lesson Learned: a little gold bling that I talked about earlier this week - I hope it arrives!


  1. Can't wait to meet you Misty and I'm doing the same thing...totally shopping my own closet for all three events...crossing fingers:)

  2. There was absolutley nothing in my closet so I shopped for real today,and am happy to say that I came up with something perfect (for me) for Blog Podium and galas for me...maybe next year.
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Such a fun week ahead for us bloggers! Thanks for the shout out for BlogPodium and for your contribution to the swag bags! Loved your packaging. See you soon!